ThetaHealing FAQ

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What can I expect during a Theta (Energy) Healing session?

Self-limiting beliefs/dogmas, energetic blocks, and perspectives that no longer serve you are identified, resolved, and replaced with empowering beliefs that help you gain control of your life while evolving into the BEST version of yourself. This is achieved by accessing the Theta brainwave state while utilizing quantum energy healing techniques. These sessions can produce significantly positive shifts in your life. So get ready for some real breakthroughs on your personal healing journey!   

How are your sessions offered? Do I get a recording of my session?

Theta (Energy) Healing sessions are offered online (via Zoom). These services can also be provided in person depending on client location (email for details). Healing sessions can take approximately 60 min – 90 min. *Additional services (Sound Healing or Breathwork) will lengthen appointment time. Session recordings are available and included with the session.

How many ThetaHealing sessions does it take to feel better?

 The number of healing sessions required is based on each individual’s needs. For example, some clients may require one session, while others could require several subsequent sessions to achieve their desired level of healing.

Are there any preparations required?

The only preparation required is to come with an open mind, open heart, and a genuine desire to experience healing. Belief in a Higher Power or Universal Force is also imperative to the success of this healing modality.

Can I combine Theta (Energy) Healing with other services you offer?

Yep! You can achieve maximum benefits and results by combining ThetaHealing with Breathwork and/or Sound Healing. Each modality provides a different benefit and aspect of energetic and physical healing.

Ready for a ThetaHealing Session?

You can have a Theta Healing session by scheduling online. This can be done remotely, so no need to worry about traveling.