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Do you have energetic or emotional baggage that needs to be released? Theta Energy Healing can help!

Theta Energy Healing can help you address limiting beliefs and learned behaviors that no longer serve you. Imagine a new state of being after releasing emotional baggage that previously held you back. Theta Healing provides balance, well-being, and harmony in a person’s life, moving them toward becoming the best version of themselves. This form of healing is transformational, and has helped so many people experience a more wondrous and fulfilled life. This healing modality changed my life, and it can do the same for you!
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Our Sound Healing experience can help your body relax, heal and rejuvenate!

Using Crystal and Tibetan sound bowls, we “bathe” your body in beautiful tones and melodic frequencies. These instruments facilitate self-healing by providing therapeutic electromagnetic sound frequencies that positively affect the electromagnetic frequencies of the water molecules in our bodies. Since our bodies are composed of 70% water, this form of healing can tremendously benefit our health and well-being. Sound healing helps to re-align the chakras and “reset” the human body through sound frequencies.

Pranayama Breathwork techniques help you reduce stress and anxiety!

We, as humans, don’t always breathe properly. We may lack adequate knowledge of breathing or have other complications preventing the lungs from fully expanding and contracting. When we don’t breathe properly, there’s not enough oxygen in the cells to optimally function. Decreased oxygen levels in the cells negatively impact our physical and mental states. Wavee Goddess Holistics provides instruction on pranayama breathing techniques to assist you with adequate oxygenation of the body. These techniques also remove energetic blockages and re-aligning your chakras. Pranayama breath work helps reduce stress & anxiety and improves your physical health and state of being.
Energy Healing Practitioner
"Wavee Goddess Holistics really gives you such a phenomenal experience in Holistic Healing! D is such an exceptional practitioner and she shows you how to heal from within. Her energy is so honest, and positive it is really holistic healing at it’s best! D you are helping so many people find their calm, their peace, and their balance through this journey called life. Thank you for your light and positive energy!”
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"The sound healing was amazing! It made me feel things, like relaxed and rejuvenate and all around just great. I 100% recommend this to anyone who’s looking for healing from a professional!"
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J. D.
"I was so excited and pleased with my experience at wavee goddess. She takes her time and listens to my concerns, answering any questions I may have. After her sessions, I felt relaxed and stress free. I will definitely be back and I highly recommend her to anyone who is suffering from anxiety and depression.”
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"Here at Wavee Goddess Holistics, Our approach to healing is with Sound, Breath and Energy."
Danuwelli Gordon RN - Wavee Goddess Holistics
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