Theta (Energy) Healing Sessions

What is ThetaHealing?

Breathwork - Leaf ImageThetaHealing is a unique therapeutic form of energy healing that has assisted thousands of people in providing rapid relief from anxiety, sadness, stress and physical ailments, to name a few. Created in 1995 by Vianna Stibul, Theta Healing is an energy healing modality that uses the theta brainwave state to access the subconscious mind, which stores limiting beliefs and unhealthy conditioning. Our subconscious holds memories, programming, and sensations from our developmental years. 

It also governs our belief systems, behaviors, and attitudes, which dictate much of how we experience this existence. Many of the programs we received during those pivotal years were self-limiting, self-sabotaging, dis-empowering, and caused much of the emotional, spiritual, and even physical issues we experience in our lives today. 

Wavee Goddess Holistics

Reprogram the mindHowever, these damaging programs are easily accessed and can be effectively addressed during a Theta  healing session. Theta Healing provides balance, well-being, and harmony in a person’s life and enables them to live the BEST version of their life! 

Live your best lifeThis healing modality CHANGED MY LIFE, and it can do the same for you! So, if you’re ready to find out just how impactful Theta Healing can be to your life’s journey, schedule a free consultation today! 

“Wavee Goddess Holistics really gives you such a phenomenal experience in Holistic Healing! D is such an exceptional practitioner and she shows you how to heal from within. Her energy is so honest, and positive it is really holistic healing at it’s best! D you are helping so many people find their calm, their peace, and their balance through this journey called life. Thank you for your light and positive energy!” 

– H. T.

Commonly Asked Questions

Ready for a Healing Session?

Self-limiting beliefs/dogmas, energetic blocks, and perspectives that no longer serve you are identified, resolved, and replaced with empowering beliefs that help you gain control of your life while evolving into the BEST version of yourself. This is achieved by accessing the Theta brainwave state while utilizing quantum energy healing techniques. These sessions can produce significantly positive shifts in your life. So get ready for some real breakthroughs on your personal healing journey!  
Theta (Energy) Healing sessions are offered online (via Zoom). These services can also be provided in person depending on client location (email for details). Healing sessions can take approximately 60 min – 90 min. *Additional services (Sound Healing or Breathwork) will lengthen appointment time. Session recordings are available and included with the session.
The number of healing sessions required is based on each individual’s needs. For example, some clients may require one session, while others could require several subsequent sessions to achieve their desired level of healing.
The only preparation required is to come with an open mind, open heart, and a genuine desire to experience healing. Belief in a Higher Power or Universal Force is also imperative to the success of this healing modality.
Yep! You can achieve maximum benefits and results by combining ThetaHealing with Breathwork and/or Sound Healing. Each modality provides a different benefit and aspect of energetic and physical healing.

You can have a Theta Healing session by scheduling a free consultation online. This can be done remotely, so no need to worry about traveling. Have more questions? Check out the FAQs.

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Price List

ThetaHealing – $100 – 60 minute session (1 on 1 Remote session)

ThetaHealing – $150 – 60 minute session (1 on 1 In-Person session)

A DEPOSIT is required to book a time slot. The deposit goes toward your remaining balance.