Welcome to Wavee Goddess Tarot Cosmic Family ! 💕 I’m Wavee Goddess, a highly intuitive empath that is very connected to the Divine and  the Primordial Energies that assist us during our human journey. ✨ I provide tarot/ oracle card reading that give insight on your current path, potential challenges, and divine guidance from the non-physical energies that support us.

I am a Sagittarius ♐ Sun, Venus and Neptune. So, you know I’m gonna serve Truth! 🙌🏾 I also have water, air, and earth placements in my chart. 🥰

I am currently offering Tarot/Oracle Card Reading Services 💫 Please email info@waveegholistics.com to inquire or request a reading!☺️

General Tarot Reading

Free General Tarot Readings are available for All astrological signs on YouTube. Please Follow, Like, Comment and Share !

One on One Tarot Reading

One on One Tarot Readings are available online via Zoom or Google Meets or in person at the Bridge Center located in the Westminister Town Malltarot readings wavee goddess

Click HERE or email  info@waveegholistics.com to request a private reading.

Also, don’t forget to check out our other services for holistic healing. [ Sound Bowl Therapy | Pranayama Breathwork Instruction | Theta Healing Therapy ]

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