Sound healing therapy has been used by ancient civilizations in the past to cure mental disorders and other ailments to the human body. Sound healing is the use of any instrument or voice to boost and influence a person’s mood or morale, to de-stress, or even place the person in a state of relaxation. Increased morale or simply feeling good, improves a person’s mental state and improves their health as a by-product.

How does sound healing work?

Sound healing takes various forms; music, voice, and other instruments like the drums, Tibetan bowls, gongs, singing bowls, sound bowls, and tuning forks. While all these forms have different results, one common factor is that they all use sound vibrations to calm and heal the body. With the right frequency and rhythm, our brains can shift from an ordinary to relaxed consciousness.

Crystal Sound Bowls in a Curve

Although many people are skeptical about sound healing, some science proves that it indeed works. Three-quarters of our body is made up of fluid, water, which is a good conductor of sound. Technically, sound vibrations travel faster in water. Human beings also contain vibrational frequency, which is a part of us, just like everything else, according to science. Our neurons respond to different frequencies, and these sound vibrations interact with cells in our bodies.

Does sound frequency healing work?

Our body has a nerve called the vagus nerve, which controls many activities in the body; digestion, heart rate, blood pressure, sugar levels, hormones, and inflammation. If this nerve is blocked or inactive, it hinders the proper functioning of the body. Stimulating it with sound frequencies brings the body back to normal or homeostasis; therefore, every sound that your ear processes are sent to the vagus nerve.

Every cell functions at specific sound frequencies, and when change occurs due to exposure to a foreign frequency that disrupts the rhythm, the body then misbehaves. Attuning our brains to the initial specific frequency of the cell steers the body back to its correct rhythm.

Synchronizing our brainwaves with these sound vibrations is very beneficial in lowering blood pressure, improving mood, reducing anxiety and stress, beating depression, and improving sleep. Additionally, our bodies feel rejuvenated, and our mental, spiritual and emotional well-being returns to a state of balance.

Sound healing is non-invasive and not expensive; why not try and discover how much good sound does to our body! Schedule a sound bowl healing session today.

tibetan sound bowls


Tibetan sound bowls