The process of healing the throat chakra, be it physically or emotionally, is one that does not happen overnight. Healing physical or emotional wounds requires accurate identification of the injury, a therapeutic environment, adequate time to recuperate, effective healing interventions, and patience. Healing is also a journey that no human escapes, as it is a part of the earthly experience. 

As a person who facilitates healing, I had to heal many deep wounds to effectively assist others on their healing journey. And healing my throat chakra was a big part of that healing process that is still occurring in real-time. This article will explore that healing journey. This commentary will also share methods and techniques I used to bring balance to my vishudda or throat chakra.

Now, for those unfamiliar with the term chakra, a chakra is an energetic center in your body or within your energetic field. These energy vortexes are situated at the various body and energetic field points. Although people usually discuss seven chakras, I’ve read books that revealed 17 different chakras, including ones outside of the body. But today, we will be discussing the throat chakra in the seven-chakra system because it affects our communication. Whether the chakra is overactive or underactive, this energetic vortex dramatically affects how we communicate with the world and those around us.


What is the throat chakra?

The throat chakra is the 5th chakra in the seven-chakra model and is also referred to as the vishuddha chakra. This chakra acts as the communication center of the body. This is where your voice is and where you express your truth, be it through spoken word or song. Being heard and hearing is also associated with this chakra. It also works with the sacral chakra, which is at the base of your creativity. The throat chakra consists of more than just the throat. According to Snyder (2021), the vishuddha chakra is also connected with the lips, tongue, cheek, jaws, ears, the lower part of the neck, back, and shoulders!

How do energetic unbalances in the throat chakra present?

Keeping this energetic vortex in balance is vital because when the throat chakra is imbalanced, your communication is compromised, which will affect how you interact with the world. Unbalance within this chakra can present as a blockage or over-activity within the region. When the vishuddha chakra is blocked, we may find it challenging to speak up for ourselves or express our opinions and choices. We may also shut down during difficult conversations or avoid them altogether. When the throat chakra is overactive, we may tend to ramble with no clear direction of expression. We may also constantly interrupt during conversations, talk over others, or flat out dominate the entire verbal exchange.


Why has the journey to healing my throat chakra been so important?

Healing my throat chakra was part of my plan to regain control of my life. In my late 20s to late 30s, I started having conversations with those I loved about circumstances in the past that hurt me. I believe that was the beginning of my healing journey with my vishuddha chakra. The blockage in that energetic center led to many difficult situations and tough lessons. throat chakra healing

Some of those situations included my inability to set proper boundaries and my failure to speak up for myself during events that didn’t support me. This energetic impasse prevented me from making the salary I deserved because I could not negotiate my value and worth as a salaried registered nurse.This blockage also kept me from speaking up and standing up for myself the way I should have when I was sexually harassed in the workplace. During those moments of improper and unwarranted advances, I didn’t know how to say, “Stop” or “I don’t like when you do that”. I believe many women go through life with this blockage and are unable to speak up for themselves when they should or when it is in their best interest. Healing my throat chakra has been a process that continues today. However, I am significantly further along today than I was yesterday.


When did the energetic blockage of the throat chakra occur, and what were the circumstances associated with the blockage? 

Again, when the vishuddha chakra is blocked, we may find it challenging to speak up for ourselves or express our opinions or choices. We may also shut down during difficult conversations or avoid them altogether. As I delved further into my healing journey, experiencing different modalities and amassing vast amounts of healing knowledge, I recognized that my inability to express myself effectively, ask for what I desired, and set boundaries stemmed from the blockage in this energetic center. I also realized that this energetic obstacle stemmed from childhood traumas that I had to revisit and continue to heal. 

One such trauma occurred when I was around four years old. I experienced sexual trauma, which left my voice stifled, my self-esteemed shattered, and my sense of security obliterated. An adolescent male who worked for my parents at the time groomed and sexually assaulted me and threatened to viciously lie to my parents if I reported him. sexual traumaAs he was threatening me, he was also in the act of molesting me. While all this was occurring, one sunny day, my mother walked in on the act. Needless to say, things did not end well for him, as he was immediately terminated and i never saw him again. Unfortunately, the situation also negatively impacted me, as I was physically reprimanded over what occurred while trying to explain what I experienced in the words of a four-year-old.

That occurrence set into play damaging subconscious programs that my words had no power, no one wanted to hear what I had to say, and I was incapable of setting boundaries against unwanted advances. I was also left feeling like I had caused what happened to me and that my words were powerless to make a difference in my outcome. During the early stages of my healing journey, I created the space for my mother and me to discuss the sexual trauma that happened over 30 years ago. Unfortunately, she did not remember her reaction or the incident. However, she did express remorse for how the experience affected me, which partially compensated for her lack of memory. 


What are some of the tools you use to balance and remove blockages in the throat chakra?

There are many tools and practices that I have utilized and continue to apply along my healing journey to balance my vishuddha chakra. One such practice is pranayama breath work. People often underestimate the power of learning to control the life force energy that encompasses the breath. But, this is an excellent practice for energetic release, balance, and control. The Bhramari Pranayama (Bee’s Breath) breath work technique is specifically designed to target the throat chakra. This breath work technique is excellent for balancing your vishuddha or throat chakra. This technique also calms the nervous system, clears the mind, and assists with concentration. There are multiple breathwork practices available to incorporate into your routine, so be sure to do your research for alternatives if pranayama breathwork does not resonate with you. 

Plant medicines were another healing tool I utilized to balance and unblock my throat chakra. During the sacred ayahuasca ceremonies I was privy to be a part of; I tapped into something greater than myself. I had the space, emotional awareness, freedom, courage, and wisdom of the plants to help me process trauma and embrace actions that facilitated my highest well-being. One particular journey with ayahuasca in the Amazonian jungles of Peru provided tremendous healing, patency, and balance to my throat chakra. However, all plant medicines are not for everyone. So, it is pertinent that you conduct adequate research before beginning any journey with plant medicine.

Journaling is also a great healing tool for balancing and unblocking the vishuddha chakra. During my Amazonian healing trip, I practiced journaling and grew fond of the practice. Through daily journaling, we express our thoughts, feelings, and emotions on paper and can more fully capture different perspectives on multiple events in our lives. This practice also allows us to identify traumatic incidents and blockages and understand where these obstructions may have stemmed from by reviewing journal entries. Identifying catalyst events of trauma is essential to the healing process, as it provides relevant information needed to process traumatic events more thoroughly. 



In conclusion, maintaining balanced and patent chakras is vital to conserving good health and overall well-being. This is particularly important for the throat chakra. Likewise, adequate maintenance of the vishuddha chakra is imperative, as it affects how we communicate and interact with the world around us. The imbalance and dis-ease of this energetic center are expressed in various ways. Therefore, we can incorporate many tools and practices into our routines to ensure balance and harmony.