“The Universe doesn’t give you what you want. It gives you what you are a vibrational match for.” Say what?? Shocker right? When I first heard these words spoken by Gregg Braden, New York Times Bestselling author and Scientist, my head spun for a minute as I momentarily experienced resistance to this perspective. As I tried to grasp exactly what this wise man was saying, I thought to myself, ‘but the Universe IS supposed to give you what you want’. Then the Law of Attraction began to surface in my thoughts, and Gregg Braden’s words started to make sense.


The Universe speaks vibration. That is the only language or form of communication that it understands. The energetic vibration or energetic resonance emitted from humans, other animals, plants, crystals, and all living things is how we communicate with our world. Vibration is the universal language. So if you want something, it is imperative that your vibrational frequency matches what you desire. This is an essential part of manifestation! However, we often forget, neglect, or dismiss this part of the manifesting process. Now, you might be thinking, “vibrational frequency? What the hell does that even mean?”. 




So, What Is Vibration?

Well, I’m about to get a little technical on you here. So, bear with me. The Universe, including us, is made up of atoms and molecules, and the movement of these particles is vibration or energy. The cellular biologist, Bruce Lipton, explained this, stating “every atom is a vibrational source of energy,” and each atom has an electromagnetic field surrounding it. Vibration is expressed in the form of a wave. The rate or how often the vibration occurs is the frequency. We each have electromagnetic fields of energy that emanate from within and surround us. So we are constantly attracting and repelling on an energetic level. When the vibration in our electromagnetic field matches our desired target or outcome, we become a vibrational match and are more likely to attract what we want. Conversely, our electromagnetic fields repel what we crave when we are not a vibrational match for our heart’s desires.

what controls vibrationYou might be saying, “well, what controls our vibration?”. Many things influence our energetic vibrations. Our emotions, perspectives, subconscious programming, diet, physical activity, sounds, and sights we’re exposed to all influence our vibrational frequency, to name a few. Enlightened beings understood this and ancient texts echoed this knowledge, providing us with tools, methods, and information to assist in raising our vibrational frequency and consciousness. 

So, I pose the question to you again. Are you a vibrational match for the things you want? For example, if you wish to be a CEO of a multi-million-dollar company, are you embodying that role? Are you doing things that a person in that position would do? Some of those things might include 1). acting upon inspiration immediately; 2). following through with set tasks and achieving your daily goals; 3) avoiding self-sabotaging behavior like procrastination or complacency, or 4). setting proper boundaries, or 5). taking care of your physical body, health, and wellness. If you are not embodying the qualities and habits of a CEO or doing any of the things listed above, you risk being a vibrational mismatch for what you want and repelling what you desire.


How Do I Become More Of A Vibrational Match?!

I know I may be hitting some nerves, including my own, as I am not always a vibrational match for what I want. However, I believe that we all have to make changes and adjustments in our lives if we are serious about getting to our end goal and living out our dreams. Some of these changes may include ridding your subconscious of dated programs or thoughts that no longer serve your highest good, like ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘She/He is better than me’. Changes in habits and outside influences such as sound (i.e music) and sight (i.e movies or shows) must also occur when transitioning into becoming a vibrational match for what you desire. Making sure that the body is regularly bathed in external vibrational frequencies that elevate your cells is vital. This can be accomplished through sound healing and visualization practices with different instruments or going into nature to soak in Gaia’s beautiful natural sound, surroundings and resonance. ashe

Supplying enough Ase, Chi, or life force energy to your entire body through the breath is also a lifestyle change and practice that can assist you in becoming a vibrational match for what you desire. Adequately supplying the body with life force energy facilitates your cells with optimal cellular function, enhances various systems within the body, and keeps your Divine instrument performing at an ideal level. Additionally, conscious breathing positively impacts the vibration within your electromagnetic field by unblocking and balancing your chakras so that you are relaxed, clear, alert and receptive to celestial inspiration. 

Adjustments in diet and physical activity are also important aspects of achieving an optimal vibrational state. You must task the body with movement and feed the body with electric and alive foods! The body needs to move regularly and eat ideally to maintain a healthy state of being. walking and exerciseWalking, jogging, swimming, yoga poses, or playing a sport are all effective ways to achieve and maintain a physical state of wellbeing. Eating adequate amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables, drinking enough water, removing excess salt and sugar from your diet, and reducing processed foods intake are also great ways to maintain an optimal vibrational state. We often underestimate the role of diet and exercise in maintaining a high vibrational state of being. However, the body needs movement and electric foods daily to facilitate the most refined tuning of our vibrational state.



In conclusion, we have to be a vibrational match to get the things that we want most in life. The vibration of the atoms and molecules that make up our bodies and electromagnetic field have to achieve a frequency that is aligned with our goals and anticipated results. Our behaviors, practices, subconscious thoughts, diet consistency, and physical movement frequency must all be fine-tuned and effectively implemented in our daily lives to propel this vibrational alignment. When we are fully aligned with what we desire, our manifestations will be realized in our three-dimensional reality.