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Are you looking for a Sound Healing Experience to help your body Heal and Rejuvenate?

Sound Energy Healing can re-align the chakra and reset the human body through the use of sound healing. Using Crystal or Brass Sound bowls, we bathe you in sound. These instruments can facilitate self-healing by providing therapeutic electromagnetic sound frequencies that positively affect the electromagnetic frequencies of the water molecules in our bodies. Since our bodies are composed of 70% water, this form of healing can have tremendously beneficial effects.

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Pranayama Breath work Techniques can also help you release Stress and Anxiety!

We, as humans, don’t always breathe appropriately on a regular basis. Sometimes we tend to hold in our stomachs, don’t know how to breathe correctly, or have other complications that prevent the lungs from fully expanding or contracting. When we don’t breathe properly, there’s not enough oxygen in the cells to properly function, negatively impacting our physical and mental states of being.  Wavee Goddess Holistics provides a safe space to learn breathing techniques that will improve your physical health and assist you in releasing emotional trauma, stress, anxiety and blockages.schedule breath work session






Are you looking to release Emotional Trauma? Theta ENERGY Healing can help!

Theta Energy Healing can help you address limiting beliefs and reprogram learned behaviors. Imagine being free to explore new relationships after releasing trauma that previously held you back. Theta Healing provides balance, well-being, and harmony in a person’s life and enables them to live the BEST version of their life! This form of healing is transformational, and has helped so many people experience a more wondrous and fulfilled life. This healing modality CHANGED MY LIFE, and it can do the same for you!Sign up to get weekly updates delivered directly to your inbox. schedule theta healing session