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Blue Tibetan sound bowls with other Brass Bowls
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Theta Energy Healing can help you address limiting beliefs and reprogram leaned behaviors. Image being free to explore new relationships after releasing trauma that previously held you back. Sign up to get weekly updates delivered directly to your inbox.

Energy Healing Practitioner

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ThetaHealing is a unique therapeutic form of energy healing that has assisted thousands of people in providing rapid and permanent relief from anxiety, sadness, anger and resentment, to name a few.

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Pranayama Breathing is a specific breathing technique that improves our physical and mental states of well-being. Pranayama means to control the breath or life force energy, which is done through expansion and extension.


Sound is a very ancient technology or tool that has been used by many different cultures to assist with healing… and we’re still using it today! Everything is made up of SOUND or vibration, though it can’t always be heard.

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Danuwelli Gordon Sound Healing Practicioner

What Others are Saying

"Such a sweet soul and beautiful energy I got from you when we crossed paths."
J. G.
"YESSSS. It’s miraculous. In one session, my sciatic from having scoliosis as a child,was GONE!!!"
T. M.