Chakra Balancing & Auric Cleansing


This service is designed to help balance your chakra energy centers and cleanse your auric field that surrounds you. Using crystal sound balls and Tibetan sound bowls, we cleanse balance and restore your Energetics centers. We also cleanse your auric field so that you feel more energetically clear, which allows you to operate at your best and function optimally.

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As we go through life we tend to pick up negative vibrational energies from everywhere! These energies can affect how we feel, how we function, and how we show up for ourselves and our loved ones. These negative energies can also attribute to the blockage of our chakras. Chakras are energetics centers located within the body, above the body, and below the etheric and physical body. When our chakras are blocked energy, cannot flow freely through our energetic bodies This can cause us to feel energetically off balance. We can also experience a range of other symptoms ranging from  uncontrolled emotions, to minor physical ailments.




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